St. Andrews Kinder+

Taking a leaf out of the book of this progressive and personalised world – St. Andrews Kinder+ is following suit and putting a modern twist to Kindergarten education.

Located on the classic campus of St. Andrews School in Marredpally – St. Andrews Kinder+ is the upgrade all parents today are looking for, with specially trained & experienced faculty that your children deserve.

What makes St. Andrews Kinder+ unique are its modern and personalised teaching methods.
Primary Features:
  • Large and spacious classrooms of no
    more than 15 students per class
  • 1:15 - Teacher: Student ratio
  • Socially distanced seating
  • One on one interaction between student and teacher
  • Personalised Education Plans (PEP)
  • Specially trained faculty
  • Exclusive play areas
  • Indoor activity zones
  • Larger digital learning screens
  • Special afternoon activities
  • “Funday Mondays” (a method to get
    students excited about a new week)
  • Theme-based learning
  • Daily progress reports
  • Interactive & Fun open days every month
  • Healthy & nutritious evening snack

Complete with large and spacious classrooms of no more than 15 students each, we believe in social distancing for our students, as well as personal one-on-one interaction between the teachers and children.

Each child is born with a unique personality and a set of skills, and thus they deserve to have learning plans that are tailor-made to suit their personalities in order for them to grow into the perfect versions of themselves. Keeping this at the forefront, St. Andrews Kinder+ has devised a wonderful way to incorporate features such as Personalised Education Plans (PEP), exclusive play areas and indoor activity zones, larger digital learning screens, special afternoon activities, theme-based learning, and interactive & fun open days every month!

We blow the blues away from Mondays by turning them into “Funday Mondays”. A method to get students excited about the start of a new week. We have themed days of enjoyment and learning to ensure that your children love to come to Kinder+.

Our system goes one step further as we know how important a full-day program in Kindergarten is for not only the children but also the parents. Our perfectly balanced “Full Day Program” at St. Andrews Kinder+ is focused on being hands-on in its approach to your childrens’ early development. The Full-day program has special afternoon activities, healthy and balanced evening snacks and interactive sessions. We send home a daily progress report to the parents to keep you informed of your child’s productive day of fun and learning!

Full-Day Program - Primary features:
  • Special afternoon activities
  • Individual beds for nap time
  • Interactive sessions
  • Healthy and balanced evening snacks
  • Designated activity zones
  • Daily progress reports on your child

So, there you have it - St. Andrews Kinder+: Your Personal Preschool.

Enrol your child today into our exciting new personalised teaching approach for LKG & UKG!

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