Welcome to St. Andrews, Marredpally!

Founded in 1996, St. Andrews, Marredpally is the second school under the banner of St. Andrews School. Located in the bustling neighbourhood of West Marredpally, we are home to a thriving and happy community of children with a shared desire to learn and succeed.

Learn more about our history, rich academic traditions, the wide range of facilities we offer, our commitment to being an outstanding environment for education, and the importance we place on holistic education for children at our school. The best way to immerse yourself in the ethos of the school and the ‘Andrewite Way’ is to come and visit us. Contact us to book a tour; we would be very happy to show you around.

To learn more about the ethos of the school and the ‘Andrewite Way’ of life is to come visit us. Contact us to book a tour; we will be more than happy to show you around.


To provide an affordable quality education through a challenging curriculum that is student-centred and focused on inquiry-based, hands-on learning, with an active involvement of all the stakeholders in the learning process.

Value Statement

At St. Andrews, we believe in

  1. Ensuring a safe learning environment for all students
  2. Providing opportunities and resources to all students to learn & be successful
  3. Continuously improving the learning environment for all students
  4. Setting high standards for our school and students
  5. Maintaining a consistency of purpose with all staff members working towards a common goal of success for each learner
  6. Proficiency in technology which is necessary to prepare students for a globally competitive society

Senior Leadership

An educationist and a visionary, Ms. Hyacinth Emanuel, the Managing Director of the St. Andrews Group of Schools, is the driving force behind the schools’ endeavours. A post graduate in English, it has always been her passion and vocation to ensure that every student and teacher is supported and encouraged to be the best. During her four decades in the field of education, she has envisioned innovations in the curriculum, ensuring the continual professional development of her team. As a result, the teachers of St. Andrews Schools are well-equipped with the modern educational techniques and updated on the latest developments in their subject area. Under her guidance and leadership, the School has seen a phenomenal growth and propelled from a single school in 1985 to three campuses in the twin cities by 2012. Her efforts in providing best quality education have expanded the St. Andrews brand of education to Bangalore under the banner of Winmore Academy. Ms. Hyacinth Emanuel’s passion to help children with learning difficulties was realised with the initiative - Akira by St. Andrews – a learning centre and programme for children with dyslexia. She believes that every child is unique and needs to be nurtured in an environment which encourages discovery, inquiry, learning, expression and communication. A true visionary at heart, her main focus is on stewardship, cultivating an ideal learning environment and ensuring that every student acquires the skills necessary to effectively function in their community and ultimately, in the wider world.

Hyacinth Emanuel

Managing Director

I am delighted to welcome you to St. Andrews School, Marredpally, and I am thrilled to be part of the School during this exciting time in its growth.

St. Andrews School, Marredpally is a very special place. A place where students flourish while achieving the very highest academic standards. We strongly believe that education is more than just grades and the real art of education lies in developing the confidence and self-worth of the child.

We see it as our responsibility to nurture their talents, help them broaden their interests and develop their personal qualities and strengths. To do this, we aim to foster confidence, perseverance, tolerance and integrity; to enhance communication skills; to embrace creativity; to encourage teamwork; and to promote an open-minded and outward-looking mentality so that children are ready to make positive contributions to their community.

Life at St. Andrews, Marredpally is a partnership—we ensure that students are supported at every turn. In turn, students are expected to take an active role and responsibility in their own education. Learning, in its many forms, is at the heart of all we do, and our wonderful teachers support each student in achieving the best possible academic outcomes.

Tradition is an important cornerstone at our school, and we seek to build on the past while looking to the future. Because of this, St. Andrews, Marredpally will remain, a forward-thinking school that actively embraces innovation and new opportunities.

Leeja Ann Cherian


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