The Academic Experience

St. Andrews School provides a curriculum that is rich, challenging and focuses on fostering intellectual, social and cultural energy among its learners. The school firmly believes that academic excellence along with holistic development of the child is the key to success in life. The emphasis of the curriculum is on the holistic development of learners and it is committed to providing a stress-free learning environment that will help develop competent, confident and enterprising citizens. St. Andrews School, Marredpally is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education.


A well-defined curriculum is delivered using the most effective instructional methods. Teachers adapt and innovate with the most stimulating teaching methods to achieve scholastic excellence and holistic growth of the student.

St. Andrews maintains a deliberate and careful balance of traditional and innovative teaching methods, which are as follows:

  • Organize and plan scholastic and co-scholastic activities
  • Guide students through a learning experience that gives them the scope to evolve into confident individuals
  • Document the progress of students
  • Involve parents in the student development programmes
  • Update and equip students with the tools and know-how of comprehensive and pro-active learning
Learning Methodology

Learners participate in a process that is not only stimulating, but which also allows them to explore the known and unexplored realms of subject matter. Learning is query based where students question, brainstorm and understand textbook content by exploration. An increasing number of activities, live demos, field trips, role-plays, presentations, group activities, discussions and project work are conducted so that children understand concepts comprehensively. Active participation on the part of students forms the backbone of evaluation.

Homework is an important part of the education of our students. Staff and parents are jointly responsible for this part of their education. Teachers plan tasks which support, enrich and reinforce classroom learning. They seek to further develop the students’ independent learning skills. Homework is regular and progressive as students are promoted from grade to grade.

In addition to the traditional subjects of languages, mathematics, science and social studies, students regularly attend scheduled classes in art, music, physical education and computers.

Co-Curricular Activities

In order to provide learning that encourages the holistic development of the student, St. Andrews has adopted a rich, vibrant and diverse co-curricular programme. This programme is an integral and essential part of the curriculum and provides students with experiences and opportunities beyond the classroom. All students have the opportunity to discover their creative abilities and strengths through a range of sporting, artistic, cultural and social activities that run parallel to their academic programme.

Support for Learning

The Department of Supportive Education was instituted to help children with learning disabilities. It was created to offer an academic programme that provides the necessary academic, social and emotional support for these learners to succeed. The Department of Supportive Education designs individualized plans that incorporate the strengths, needs, developmental levels and unique learning styles of each student. A supportive education process is not confined to textbooks or the four walls of a study centre; instead it lies in the individual learning process. The Department of Supportive Education helps prepare students for a transition into the mainstream. Going a step further, St. Andrews School has set up Akira - an independent learning centre for children with dyslexia.


Class I – IV : English, Hindi / Telugu, Mathematics, Environmental Science
Class V : English, Languages, Mathematics, Environmental Science
2nd Language : Hindi / Telugu
3rd Language : Hindi / Telugu
Co- Scholastic : Computers, Art & Craft, PT, Music and Life Skills
Class VI & VII : English, Languages, Mathematics, General Science & Social Studies
2nd Language : Hindi / Telugu
3rd Language : Hindi / Telugu
Co- Scholastic : Computers, Art & Craft, PT, Music and Life Skills

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